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Giulia Bernardelli

Mantua, Italy

Giulia Bernardelli

My name is Giulia Bernardelli and I am 34 years old.
I live in Mantua, a small city in the north-east of Italy. I have always been interested in arts: I grew up in my dad's bookshop and art gallery. I studied at the Academy of fine arts In Bologna and I have worked with kids in several museums between Mantua and Bologna.
I have always been fascinated by colours, compositions, details, shapes and through practice I have experimented and acquired good manual skills.
Everything that I needed was around me, if only I looked carfully: I decided to replace the paint brush with what nature offered me. Leaves, fruit skins, food, liquids and everything in between these. All these elements come with different colours and textures. As such I never plan my creations well in advance, I simply follow my instinct, based on the actions I perform when in front the table. For instance, when I drink coffee I start thinking of the nuances it would create if I dropped it on the table.
I started using coffee by chance, less than six years ago, when I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on a white table; suddenly a new world appeared in front of my eyes made of uncatchable shades, one different from the other. It is with this in mind that in my photos I try to catch the magic of a moment, as if the coffee created a story, a tale, by just spilling over the table.
I love spontaneity, the ephemeral, the magic that lies in creation.
Most of my creations are temporary and bound to disappear: they are eaten, or consumed and therefore the inexorably disappear.
When I perform is nothing but the product of a game, a curious gaze, a constant exploration of the reality surrounding me and inspiring me. I am convinced that creativity belongs to those who are able to show it and to make it an enriching and joyful way of life.
I first started sharing my creations on Instagram (@bernulia) and I received positive feedback from my followers. This is where it all started, by sharing images, with people.
I worked for brands like Pirelli, Washington Post, Disney, Segafredo, Siemens, Fox.


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