Karmen Loh (Bearbrickjia)
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Karmen Loh (Bearbrickjia)


Selangor, Malaysia

Karmen Loh (Bearbrickjia)

My name is Karmen Loh, also known as Bearbrickjia and I'm an independent digital illustrator. Art has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I decided to pursue this passion and joined an art college to study 3D animation back in 2013. After graduating in 2016, I realized that I was more interested in illustration. Luckily, with my illustration portfolio that I had worked on in my free time, I received an opportunity to work in a video game company as a concept artist and got to work on game titles such as "Street Fighter V", ''Steel Circus'' and more! During my time there, I continued working on my own personal projects which are characters and portraits. My artworks have often been described as feminine, fantasy with dreamy vibes. In 2019, I've decided to leave the game industry to work as an independent artist and collaborated with XP-Pen, Clip Studio Paint, MrSuicideSheep and more. In 2022, I created key visual illustrations for Coca-Cola & Costa China. In the same year, I created book cover illustrations for publishers such as HarperCollins, Holiday House Books, Penguin Teen/Penguin Random House and more.



Joined October 2019