Ayla Spaans
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Ayla Spaans

Film director

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ayla Spaans

Ayla Spaans is an Amsterdam-based director who tells stories hovering between reality and imagination. With a sharp eye for sferic settings, playful movements and whimsical emotion, she has directed short-films, music videos, commercials, and children series. Her work is bright, colorful, humorous, and always made with a deeper meaning. Behind the light-hearted tone in Ayla’s work, there are often hidden tragic stories when reading between the lines.

Ayla’s aim is to connect people through her art and she loves to explore (social) themes such as friendship, family and self love. Her lifelong fascination for writing, filming and creating began in the comfort of her own home: she grew up in a family of ten and always felt the need to express her feelings through crafts and imagery. With a background in fashion and film, Ayla has evolved as a great storyteller and set-curator that resulted in stylish concepts. She worked for brands like Chupa Chups, Coca Cola, Naked, Pourri, Bols and wrote and directed her first children TV series named Rakhi & Peppe that got nominated for best children fiction.



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