Anna Broeng

I am a danish retail designer and 3D artist.
With a love for colour and experimental concepts, I create physical and digital spaces. I have experience with store design, window displays, visual merchandising and concept development. In the last years I have developed a deep passion for creating digital environments, captivating escapeism and the dreams of my creative mind. By the use of colours, objects and furniture I create environments to inspire and calm our busy minds. My design style is colourful, futureristic, postmodern and I always try to create cheerful and positive spaces. Welcome to my Domeztika profile.


  • Colorful Retail Space Design

    Learn to analyze a brand’s DNA and translate it into a unique store design concept that balances innovative shapes and materials to improve the customer experience

    A course by Anna Broeng, Retail Designer and 3D Artist



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Joined May 2021