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André Cardoso

Game Designer and Developer

Copenhagen, Denmark

André Cardoso

Hey! My name is André Cardoso and I am a Brazilian Game Designer and Developer creator of the Youtube channel "Mix and Jam" and also currently working with Unity!

I have always identified as a creative person, but my journey with Game Development started from the moment I had access to creation tools such as Unity - which allowed me to combine all my artistic and technical skills to create my dream projects. Through this journey, I found out that I had a massive interest in sharing knowledge to make other people feel the same sense of empowerment that I did with the things I have learned.

Since then, I have created many projects that allowed me to teach people - I started giving workshops in my local town (Recife, Brazil) and I even did presentations on Game Development events. All of these efforts led me to the creation of the "Mix and Jam" Youtube channel, where I share all my knowledge about Game Development by trying to study mechanics from popular games and sharing the entire process with the community (including making the source files available).

This also led me to my current position at Unity, where I work with an incredible team to improve the accessibility of the tool to make it so that game creation is even more accessible to the future generation of creatives!


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    By André Cardoso, Game Developer



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