Ana Miminoshvili
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Ana Miminoshvili

Tbilisi, Georgia

Ana Miminoshvili

Ana Miminoshvili is a freelance illustrator and designer. She spends time considering color palettes, lighting sources, and the juxtaposition of free, flowing lines with strict geometric shapes. With this careful intention, She’s able to instill a feeling of warmth in her works, even when the subject matter might skew otherwise. Ana originally hails from Tbilisi, Georgia and works with international clients such as Adobe, BAFTA, Facebook, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and much more. Besides commissions she enjoys creating personal projects, like her quarantine game Emojinarium and manages her small art shop. In 2021 founded ,,Illustrators Club’’ a non-profit organization which hosts free events to educate and connect young Georgian artists.


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