Amy Currell
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Amy Currell

Inglaterra, United Kingdom

Amy Currell

Still Life Photographer and Director Amy Currell was born in East London, where she lives and works. Her photography and moving image is shot through a distinctively female lens, and each frame is composed with thoughtfulness and grace – artfully juxtaposing colour, texture, and shape.

Amy’s lighting draws narratives from shadow and finds warmth in her subjects. Amy is also currently experimenting with blending CGI techniques with traditional stills photography for a perfected reality.

Expanding in her role as a Director, Amy works with the newest motion control cameras to give any moving image elements of the work an edge, giving the same poise and polish to her film that you’ll find in her photography.

Amy is highly sought after in the commercial world by global clients who value beauty, and the context of their products in carefully choreographed composition, and these have included - Ikea, British Vogue, Selfridges, Liberty London, Tatler, Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels and London Art Fair.


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