Ale Barbosa
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Ale Barbosa

Lead/ Senior Environment Artist

Montreal, Canada

Ale Barbosa

I'm an experienced 3d Artist, always working as Generalist and focused on digital environments. I have been dedicated to 3d art and VFX since 2005. I believe in my technical and artistic background to create digital art from scratch or art direction and concepts; I love to fix problems, help others, share knowledge, and learn new tools.
I'm a lead Environment/Senior environment artist at RodeoFx in Montreal, working for the VFX industry I had the opportunity to work on projects like Rings of the Power by Amazon, Finch (Tom Hanks Movie, Spielberg), Army of dead series (Zack Snyder), Moon Fall, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Slumberlad with Jason Momoa and hundreds of Tv commercials.



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Joined July 2015