Adriana Quezada
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Adriana Quezada

Editorial Illustrator and object creator

Seattle, United States

Adriana Quezada

I am an editorial illustrator and have worked for magazines and books for both young and grown up audiences. My work has been printed on publications from Mexico, England and Brazil on books like Cachorros (El naranjo), Pequeño libro de los sentimientos y emociones (Editorial Castillo), Contos Encantados da America Latina (Editorial Moderna) and Cambridge Primary Path (Cambridge University Press). I have published vignettes and illustrations for articles on Men's Health magazine, Chilango, Life and Style, Nexos and Eres niños. My illustrations have been exhibited in collective exhibitions, as well as a solo show in Seattle on 2015, were I had the amazing opportunity to showcase some of the objects that I like to make.

Recently I've been working besides my work as an illustrator with ceramics, which are a world in its own. I love the idea of creating useful things that are also nice to look at, and that's how I've made mugs, pots, pendants and earrings that carry the same style as my illustrations, where I use color, geometry and personal, everyday situations as a starting point to develop something that I would be excited to wear or enjoy looking at.

Creating is my way of being in this world and I do it through Illustration and ceramics. Being able to materialize something that wasn't there before interests me, amazes me and gives me a sense of purpose in life.


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