Vicki McGrath
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Vicki McGrath

Acrylic/Gouache Artist

Chicago, United States

Vicki McGrath

I am a self taught artist, specializing in acrylics and gouache. I began expressing myself through art ever since I could pick up a crayon, and have not stopped since!
I love showing the beauty and gorgeous colors of everyday items that we’re surrounded by… flowers, fruit, animals and knickknacks. I love to paint subjects that make the viewer smile, perhaps capturing a pleasant memory from the past, that brings happiness when viewed. I have painted for clients worldwide! My most recent clients include Trader Joes, Serena & Lily, and a collaboration with Winsor Newton and Michaels Craft Stores.


  • Gouache Painting: Create Vibrant Works of Art

    Learn to create expressive still-life paintings from observation with gouache, exploring hues, values, composition, and light

    A course by Vicki McGrath, Gouache and Acrylic Artist



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