Jonas Jorna

Jonas Jorna


Madrid, Espanha

Jonas Jorna

Hey! I'm Jonas Jorna, a freelance artist, a little wayward and semi-nomadic, born in the city of Barcelona long ago.

Due to life vicissitudes, almost all my work has been associated ever with the world of tattoo. I went into that fascinating, transgressive and hermetic world of ink and blood, partly due to chance, partly due to my complicated attraction to all "underground"

I have been part of the designers staff of the Italian magazine "TATTOO IDEA" which is a monthly publication entirely dedicated to tattoo designs and is distributed in various countries.
Although in recent years I've worked in several tattoo studios as responsible for the realization and personalization of customers' designs.
As well as a freelance illustrator I've also done commissions for airbrush works, comic-books, graphic design, etc...

For commissions and work proposals, you can contact me at this mail:

I also invite you to take a look at my blog about drawing: "Jorna. The Discipline of Pencils"