Xavier Caballé Fosch

Xavier Caballé Fosch

Graphic design Student

Mánchester, Reino Unido

Xavier Caballé Fosch

Originally from Barcelona, I decided to come to the United Kingdom to study BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art (Manchester Metropolitan University). With already 2 years of experience as a Freelancer in Spain and 7 months as a Graphic Design Assistant at Turley (Manchester); I am really satisfied about the work I have done throughout all these years. Besides, it certainly shows my passion for graphics and my ambition to innovate. Ambitious and passionate,
I do enjoy working in what I really want to and I am always looking for that final touch to blossom for impress.

My own style might be reflected on my 2nd Year Portfolio as it is the latest work I have been doing for University. Overall, I am keen to work through a conceptual design and minimalism style; as sometimes, we might not appreciate how much powerful is a simple idea. I like to discover and learn things from different topics to give shape in my own designs. Subjective reflection and creative writing it is a high interest that really evokes on my personality.

I am a self-motivated person, experienced working individually and as well as a part of a team. Fortunately I do own a good sense of organization that helps me to fit workloads on deadlines. Ability of multi-task as organised as possible and to analyse situations and come up with solutions straight after.

Empathetic Conscientious Good communicator