Vic Moya

Hi, I am Vic, Website and Brand developer.

I believe my most interesting professional value is the ability of speaking the language of many different professionals involved in a project, thus being the bridge or the glue to put together the needs and constraints of departments like marketing, design, development, etc.

In my career I've been deeply involved in different fields of expertise and I have worked intensively in all the stages of the creative and production process, working both for other companies as a freelancing consultant, and earlier on my own design studio.
Plus, I can dive into one particular task and offer all my expertise and call myself a programmer, a designer, or a brand creative director.

Over the last 10 years I have developed a wide range of websites using Drupal, PHP, MySQL, HMTL5, CSS, jQuery, Javascript and more, creating many custom modules and themes.

Website development:
- Project Planning / Architecture / Briefing / Roadmap
- UX design / User Interface design
- Back-End: content, navigation, functionalities, database architecture.
- Front-End: CSS, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX
- Drupal & Wordpress: Full websites / Custom modules / Theming.

Brand development:
- Concept development
- Story telling
- Logo and Corporate design
- Graphic design for media supports and social networks
- Video: Pre-production / Shooting direction / Editing / Music score
- Events production