Vicente Solbes

Vicente Solbes

Diseño gráfico y comunicación

Barcelona, Espanha

Vicente Solbes

Hello, I'm Vicente, a young detail-oriented highly motivated designer with three years of work in experience in communication and graphic design in international design agencies and departments. I am a hard-worker professional willing to make extra efforts to enhance a project and to keep on mastering my skills and learning new ones.

With a strong familiarity with online social media platforms, a vast experience in millennial culture and good community management skills, I have been working as social media creative in Barcelona. I was in charge of the audiovisual production, photography, image editing and the designs of all communication channels and newsletter. I also did a lot of research on packaging design trends, cool-hunting and location scouting.

I believe in teamwork processes to create better designs, products and experiences for clients. I’m personally trying to understand cultural and artistic movements to approach every marketing-driven plan and every story that an organisation needs to tell, as contribution to society too.

I’m moved by a fearless curiosity, thereby the biggest the challenge, the more excited I find myself.

Check my LinkeDin and my Instagram to get to know me better.




  • UPV Universitat Politècnica de València

    Valencia, Espanha

    2009 - 2013