Txuca Pereira

Txuca Pereira

Fotógrafa y Productora

Madrid, Espanha

Txuca Pereira

Born and based in Madrid, Txuca Pereira is a freelance photographer and producer. Since 2000 she has been working on commissioned works and on her personal projects.

Txuca is a visual creator communicating with the viewer by experimenting with technique and art, transmitting moods. Her photographs are based on the search for the uniqueness in every face and her attraction to the body language. Her interest on the creative process led her to become a great observer behind the scenes.

After studying Bachelor of Arts and then Illustration, she gained a BA in Audiovisual Communication from the UEM European University of Madrid in 2000. She has continued taking part in numerous workshops and courses at the ICP International Center of Photography, SVA School of Visual Arts, The Exhibition Lab, EPC or EFTI. Among her instructors Amy Arbus, Elinor Carucci, Keren Moskotvich, Sasha Wolf and Michael Foley. Since 2012, Txuca started to teach her portrait and self-portrait workshops at Fundación FIArt, Kleiner Salon or Pop-Up Art Gallery.

In 2009 Txuca joined Vander Productions photo agency in Madrid until she moved to NYC in 2010. There she joined The Mothership artist collective and became a photographer of Gaze Photography platform. Back to Europe in 2012, she was based in Berlin until the end of 2014. Nowdays Txuca is based in Madrid, where she continue her own style of photography.