Teresa Such

Teresa Such

ilustradora y artista 3D

Barcelona, Espanha

Teresa Such

Teresa Such is an illustrator from Altea. She was born on November 4th 1988 in Villa Joiosa, (Alicante). Nature, books, animation movies and Photography are the favorite preferences of this young illustrator from Alicante, who has won the affection of very people thanks to her drawings. She started drawing when she was a little children, so her drawings arose before than her words. When Teresa was 10, she learnt to use the pastel technique and oil panting some years later. Also, she was going in for digital techniques since she was a teenager. However, her favorite artistic tools are colored pencils, watercolor and paper. She always walks with both sketchbook and pencil in order to express any idea right away, wherever she is. Drawing is her way of writing.

In 2011 Teresa finished the Fine Arts Graduate Degree at "Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche", Altea's department. Then, she began studying Typography Degree at Universitat de Barcelona. In addition, in 2013 she continued her artistic studies at BAU College of Design (Barcelona) where she was specialized in Illustration. Finally, in May 2016, she was postgraduated in "Introduction to Naturalistic and Scientific Illustration" course, organized by Transmitting Science, at Institut Català de Paleontologia M. Crusafont (Sabadell).

On the other hand, she has participated in some important art competitions, like both comic and scientific illustration competition in which she won an international award. Recently, she has focused on the illustration world, a field where she is strengthening a very personal mark that is predominated by lively colors, clear trace and tender style as well. As an animation and books lover, Teresa is influenced by these disciplines in order to improve her creations which have seen the light in different formats: online books, children's tales as well as comic stories.

Currently, she is studying Videogames Creation Master, at Autonomous University of Barcelona (2016-2017).




  • UAB Universitat Autònoma Barcelona

    Bellaterra, Espanha

    2016 - Atualmente

  • UMH Universidad Miguel Hernández

    Elche, Espanha

    2006 - 2011

  • BAU Escola Superior de Disseny

    Barcelona, Espanha

    2013 - 2014

  • UB Universitat de Barcelona

    Barcelona, Espanha

    2012 - 2013