Pablo Arenales

Pablo Arenales

"Diseñador Junior", "Diseñador Medium", Diseñador Gráfico"

Pablo Arenales


My name is Pablo Arenales. I was born in Valladolid, Spain in 1987. I started my design studios in 2006 and I began with my first works as a freelance two years later with a jewelery designer named Mila Gonzalez doing the catalogue photos. The third year, before finish the degree, I became part of Alcastudios, a production and design company, during one year and half, in this time I graduate in the Level 5 in Graphic & Multimedia design. I finished with them to come to London to keep learning and working out of my country with other culture. I have beautiful memories of these moments, and I would like to keep saving many more in this step of my life. In London, I began working in Meoko in the distribution and PR team, and then I made some design projects for them, today I'm looking for new opportunities and because of that I attach my cv with a recommendation letter and the web where you can see some part of my work. If you need more references, just ask.

I would like to find a team where we can grow up together and learn from each other every day, so if you think that I can be one of yours, I'll be very happy to join you.

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