Suzanne Koning

Suzanne Koning

Recent graduated film student

Soest, Países Baixos

Suzanne Koning

My name is Suzanne Koning. I am a 27 year old Dutch woman living in Barcelona. Recently I have finished my Master's in Film and Visual culture (University of Antwerp). At the moment I am looking for a challenging job in Barcelona within this field. I have been studying for many years, therefore I am highly motivated to find a job within film, documentary, photography or other related art forms. At the moment my main goal is to gain as much experience within my field of interest as I can. Therefore I hope to be given the opportunity to work at a company which is able to offer me a job or internship.

Thanks to my education and different internships I am convinced that the dynamic world of film and visual culture suits me well. During my studies I learned to be able to produce and analyse film, documentary and photography which helped me to appreciate and critically look at art in a different way. Due to my different fields of study and diversity of jobs over the years I have gained a lot of experience which turned me into a very passionate, motivated, responsible, independent, loyal and curious person who is suitable to work individually or as a team player. I am someone who is very critical and myself. I find it important to keep learning as much as I can and trying to distinguish myself within the field.

Unfortunately I have only been living in Barcelona for two months which means I do not speak Spanish well yet. I am taking Spanish classes and am trying my best to learn this beautiful language as soon as possible. Therefore I hope to find a job or internship which allows me to work in English but which gives me the opportunity to improve my Spanish as well.

If any questions arise I am more than willing to answer these in a personal conversation. Thank you for taking me in consideration.