Simon Wilshire

Great once caffeinated, potential genius around cake! Telecom/Network Design, Graphic Design, Copy Writer.

A long and adaptive career history of Telecommunication, Network Design and Implementation including; Private solution design, Start up role out, Team Creation, Installation, expertise of hardware/system builds and Windows operating systems , Cable Infrastructure design within Civil, Military, Commercial and Railway industries - with overseas experience.

While I have extensive technical background for many years in various fields, I also have a vast knowledge of surveys and major intrusive surveying of structures and subterranean structures in the UK and the Middle East.
Invariably I have worked from the ground up in most disciplines to achieve a knowledge of planning and designing while understanding first-hand the pitfalls that can be found in any role and how best, where possible to plan around and overcome them.
If that wasn't enough, I have over 10 years experience in graphic design with primary extensive experience with Photoshop and Lightroom and some experience with most of the Adobe Creative Suite and a prolific Blogger and Copywriter for channels such as TWBrit, Gabsatrucker, and many more, including two e-books, a driving guide and a paper on the decline of women in IT.