Sharon Gilmore

For most of my adult life , until I retired in 2013, I nursed and made art , mostly sculpture using found objects . I worked with patients who suffered spinal cord accidents or disease , other years I nursed mothers and new borns , the final years were with Hospice patients . Each phase inspired my art making , often becoming the sole means to express the human spirit I gratefully experienced . When I retired from nursing my art making sputtered , stopped , resurfaced and sputtered again , Refuge migrations became a source of new work , mostly painting . Now I am making small collages , personal raw expressions of my Covid precautions, personal relationships , my personal history . I came to this class after making two books ( pages only ) , one on history that involves ashes using burnt and written tissue paper , the other a colorful book on history that also involves ashes ,but because it is so awful to look at the true grit we sprinkle ashes on honey to make history more palatable . I’m excited to learn and decide how these two ideas will come together or not