Romulo Correa

Romulo Correa

Barcelona, Espanha

Romulo Correa

Mi nombre es Romulo Corrêa.
I'm a people person,
so I have the talent to make the models feel extremely comfortable and I can get the best of them
I get along with different personalities
I have a soothing personality and at the same time I'm extremely energetic and upbeat.
Ich habe fun but very responsible and reliable at the same time.

why do want to work at Photographer and Videographer ?

I have a lot of experience in this area/ as a photographer/ videographer
specially with fashion/more specifically in fashion and food, movie sets and now more recentily I´ve taken an interest in the food industry .
I have photographed and videographed for restaurants and their signature dishes for advertising on the internet, magazines and even flyers.

weaknesses _

1. Sometimes, because I have worked in so many areas I feel the urge to give opinions in some of the other parts of production, but I control this urge well, since I like to work as a team
In my opinion, it is important to respect the other professionals boundaries in order to be a good team player.

2. I am a perfectionist and sometimes it frustrates me if I'm not entirely satisfied with the ultimate result that I'm looking for.
That being said, I am flexible to fight that extreme perfectionism and to give flow to the project and adjust to time constraints.
I can conform to the time allowance the that i have and deadlines.

3. I am aware „ i know „ that there is some new equipment in the market, like cameras for example, and I'm not yet familiar with them, but I am a fast learner and I am excited about learning how to work with them as soon as I have the opportunity.

Ha vivido en Alemania durante 30 años.
Soy alemán y brasileño, ahora vivo en Barcelona, donde quiero ejercer mis habilidades fotográficas y de vídeo.
Como artista de maquillaje, fotógrafo, Video_maker com mucha experiencia. Trabajado más de 20 años con la televisión, el teatro y producciones de cine y Moda y me gusta seguir ampliando mis experiencias.
Estoy a favor de nuevas tareas disponibles y también me encanta trabajar en equipo.

Romulo Corrêa