Cindy  Duan

Cindy Duan

Success by design

Pekín, China

Cindy Duan

Raffles Academy Beijing , is a subsidiary school of RAFFLES EDUCATION CORPORATION (a Singapore listed company) . At our Campus, we focus on the following programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Commerce, Interior Design and Graphics Design and Multimedia Design.

We are committed to nurturing creative talents and design management expertise for the arts and design industry. Over past 21 years we have build up a strong reputation for producing the most talented young designers and creative professionals in the region.
Established in 1990, Singapore Raffles Education Corporation is the largest professional multinational education group in the Asia-pacific region. It has successively set up institutes in Singapore, China, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand investing in 33 educational institutes in 30 cities over 13 countries, providing Master degrees, undergraduate courses, junior college qualifications and other higher education academic qualifications, as well as continuing education programs.
Raffles Education Corporation Limited made its presence in China in 1994, headquartered in Shanghai, in response to the call of the Ministry of Education of PRC 'To introduce high quality international education resources to China'. After setting up the first joint institute in China—Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai, Raffles Education Corporation has further cooperated with many other Chinese colleges in cities like Beijing, shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Hong Kong etc.