Paolo Pettigiani
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Paolo Pettigiani

Art Director & Photographer

Turim, Itália

Paolo Pettigiani

Hi there! I'm Paolo, a photographer and art director based in Turin, Italy.

After a degree in "Design and Visual Communication" at Politecnico in Turin, I started to explore the themes of seeing the unseen driven by a desire to explore the topic of seeing the unseen driven by a desire to explore familiar places, expanding the limits of perception through a graphic and visual exploration of the territory. My images are shot using a converted full spectrum camera for infrared photography: a fusion of science and creativity that allows to captures the light waves not visible to human eye.

Today I am the co-founder and art director of No Panic, a creative agency focused on strategic brand narrative and digital communication.

Infraland is an ongoing project that transforms ordinary places into surreal landscapes unbound by human perception, renewing the spectators’ idea of the world in order to question reality as we see it. An invitation to further explore knowledge and human relationships with new points of view and new eyes.

My work has been the Splash Screen of Adobe Lightroom Classic 2021 and an inspiration for the Pantone Living Coral (Color of the Year 2019).
My images have been exhibited both in solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Paris, Milan, Berlin and have been featured in a variety of digital publications, including The Guardian, The Washington Post, Wired, Forbes, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Vanity Fair, Vogue.

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