Marc Herrando

Marc Herrando

UX/UI - Product Designer

Barcelona, Espanha

Marc Herrando

I'm currently working as Product Designer at Corner Job and as Associated Teacher at BAU (Design College of Barcelona).

With creative background, I started my career on design studios, designing books, vynils, cd’s, flyers and webs for music bands. After that I spent some years on advertising industry, working as Art Director, in different medias: TV commercials, events and online marketing. With the growth of mobile services I switch to mobile product design.

My focus is the UX Design, so I have a holistic view of a product. Problem solving, and product definiton is an everyday challenge. I only understand the mobile design having the end user in mind, conceptualizing solutions, building as better architecture information as possible, prototyping, testing and delivering the most optimal designs...and after that iterating, and always improving until get a satisfactory result.

Bachelor in History of Art (Universitat de Barcelona), degree in Graphic Design (EINA. Escola de disseny i art), and Postgraduate in Internet Projects Direction (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).