Le8 Leonel Och8

Le8 Leonel Och8

Animador ilustrador trabajando cómo freelancer desde 2012

Quito, Equador

Le8 Leonel Och8

“Leoch8” is the signature of Venezuelan artist, designer and animator Leonel Rodriguez who, since an early age showed great passion for the arts, progressively developing the strength to express through form, shapes and color intuitively generating a personal drawing style and making a place for himself in the design realm.
As time passed, he deepened and expanded his knowledge and skills, while engaging in visual arts studies allowing him to experiment on different aspects of the arts, mainly anything regarding a digital platform, that is, graphic design, web design, illustration and animation.
He is deeply mesmerized by the animation process, and ventures in this area with a particular touch and styles that range from digital pen illustrations, rotoscoping techniques among others.
From this perspective he achieves to highlight his own work at well known events and exhibitions such as the Encuentro Andino Multimedia 2011 (Andean Multimedia Meeting or Enamu by its acronym in English), where he is the winner of the 1st prize in a contest held on the same meeting where works from all the Andean Cordillera countries were part of.
He has continued to make independent and freelance work on his own as well as coordinating with audiovisual producing companies that work with a wide range of institutions, organizations and other companies (product placing, events, music festivals, artists, etc), expanding even more his knowledge and outreach that his creativity and production can achieve all over the world.



  • Centro de Diseño Digital

    Caracas, Venezuela, República Bolivariana da

    2011 - Atualmente