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About Naolito

At Naolito, we develop video games and animated audiovisual content for international clients, and we also manage our own creative licenses in the digital sector.

About the role

We are currently looking for a Video Game Developer that has experience working with GameMaker Studio 2.

The developer will be part of one of our current projects, which is in the development phase. This project is a Metroidvania platform game, with integration in blockchain platforms. Also, he/she will work on other new video game projects, which are still in the planning phase.

This first game is about a Metroidvania platform game, with integration in blockchain platforms.

· What we require?:

- Solid knowledge and experience using GameMaker Studio 2
- Experience developing interactive games
- Experience using external APIs
- High level of English (we develop all of our projects in English, and the communication between team members is always in English as well)

· What skills do we value?:

- A proactive and productive, self-management approach to Game development
- You feel comfortable working with a creative team, receiving daily feedback.
- Programming skills (C#, Unity) would be a welcome addition, but not necessary for the role

· What we offer to you?:

- Full-time contract and competitive salary, based on experience
- Immediate incorporation to join a current video game project in the execution phase, and other future video game projects that will start soon.
- Opportunity to join one of the most innovative creative companies in the country.

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Video Game Developer
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