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Motion Graphics Designer


Período integral

r n motion is looking for a brilliant Motion Graphics Designer. You will be developing creative content, working on a diverse range of client work as well as in-house work.
This role requires collaborative leadership working cross-functional on a range of deliverables across multiple product, content, and communication platforms.


• Creating 2D design and animation for motion graphics and text for high-end branded content.
• Thinking creatively to produce motion ideas and concepts, while working within the boundaries of the creative assignment and understanding the latest design trends.
• Designing and executing storyboards and animations from scratch.


• Expertise in After Effects and Adobe Creative Suite, as well as in a diverse range of motion design software.
• A good understanding of typography.
• Perform in a fast-paced industry and work under tight deadlines.
• Organizational skill. Attention to detail and accuracy are essential when managing multiple projects and input.
• Flexibility and ability to work with autonomy.

If all this sounds like you, please submit resume and work link with a brief paragraph describing why you are the right person for the position.

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Motion Graphics Designer
Amado Nervo 119 B, Col. Moderna, Del. Benito Juárez. CP. 03510. Ciudad de México, Mexico.