Content & Community Manager

NTT Disruption

Madrid, Espanha

Período integral

Are you the one that will lead our Brand, through meaningful, disruptive content of high impact, to the top position in our market?
Is your expertise all about delivering high-impact campaigns and measuring results of your content strategies, to further define ad optimize?
Do you have like working in a tight-knit team (Brand manager; strategic planner; you) as well as getting involved in several of the initiatives that we are launching?
Overall, is an innovative, vibrant environment and being amidst the smartest technical disruptors your cup of tea?
Then, come on over and join us: We’re looking for you!

In this role you will be the:
1. Voice of our Brand.
NTT Disruption is aimed to create stories and tell stories about how the world, industries and people’s lives are changing through exponential technologies. “We create today what really matters for tomorrow” is our brand promise, and you will be broadcasting the full story to the world. By doing this, you will create breakthrough communications that will further build brand ethos and awareness. NTT Disruption identity is #DisruptForGood. We want to share this approach in society and extend it further.

2. Content creation master.
To tell the story of NTT Disruption to the world, you will need to deep dive into all the technological Assets (services and products) that we are currently creating and generate content for storytelling purposes. On top of that, you will cover the stories of our teams and the new ways of work that NTT Disruption is initiating and want the world to know about.
In addition, NTT Disruption is intensively working in content generation for immersive experiences and we want you to put your capabilities and skills and this amazing part. Your canvas: all the format possible. Text, video, photography, animation, even music.

3. Social Media channels manager.
You will conduct NTT Disruption Social Media channels creating breakthrough communications. We are a native digital brand, aimed to generate digital impact through exclusive content generation and distribution. Going viral is a goal, and sophisticated growth hacking techniques is within your toolkit to spread the digital brand globally. We need you to make it possible, maximizing the presence and impact in social media channels.

4. Digital brand growth driver.
Brand growth is all about data: How content is behaving on social media, what and how it impacts in real time, is for you to orchestrate, in order to adjust to the strategy continuously. You will manage the analytics in each of the channels and make magic with it.
Some of NTT Disruption Assets own their individual brands, so you will collaborate with their teas, supporting its own growth, ultimately to enhance also their contribution to the global brand.

5. Web Master.
In addition to the above if you would have built your capabilities as a web master. You will be in charge of the web sites and eventually product websites inside the brand.

Minimum qualifications:
- At least 3 years of relevant experience in content generation in different formats.
- Demonstrable experience in content management for brands.
- Community manager demonstrable experience for brands in digital channels, particularly in LinkedIn and Instagram.
- Experience working with brands in technology.
- Demonstrable skills in data-driven strategies for brand’s growth.
- Near-native English.

Preferred qualifications:
- Experience in the fields of Innovation and Disruption.
- Experience in technology services in B2B contexts.
- WordPress management skills.

Must have:
- The right to work in the EU

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Content & Community Manager
NTT Disruption
Madrid, Espanha
25.000€ - 30.000€
Castellana 77