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If you are passionate about software development and feel the need to learn, discover and investigate the latest news within the sector, we would like to meet you.

We are NOVICELL, a Danish digital agency. We are experts in digital marketing and web development. We make practical solutions for digital challenges. This means technology, marketing, graphic design and digital strategy. We are more than 180 employees and our headquarters are in Aarhus in Denmark, but we are also in Copenhagen, Ebeltoft, Barcelona, Madrid, London, and Oslo. This gives us the opportunity to collaborate on projects with international teams across Europe.

You will work with backend and frontend developers, project managers, designers, marketing managers (you can see us all in our team page), and with clients to develop projects. You will be involved in the project analysis, planning, and execution.

Why Novicell?

Contract with an annual salary between 30.000€ and 34.000€
We have flexible working hours: we start working between 7:30 and 9:30, and we finish between 16:00 and 18:00. Occasional Remote work is allowed.
24 days of paid holidays.
We do not do body shopping. We always work from our offices because we believe that sharing knowledge and experiences daily is the best way to growth and create a stronger team.
Our personal time is fully respected as we know that we perform better and eagerly when we are rested. We also promote sport for people who is into that.
If you are interested in a course, a workshop, or a tech conferences, we will help you to attend to that.
Our work environment is diverse, respectful, and overall, collaborative. People are always willing to help.
We do an annual retreat where we escape to a remote place to try to shape new ideas, aspirations, and share experiences. Last year's topic was IoT and chatbots https://www.novicell.es/es/blog/retreat-novicell-2017/.
We have a book club where we meet once per month to talk about a technical book (beverages and chips included). We are currently reading "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin.
We do an annual international event where all the offices get together during a weekend to have fun and get to know better our Nordic colleagues https://www.novicell.es/es/blog/kick-off-2018/.
Minimum Requirements

Self-Motivated: You should be willing to learn new technologies, frameworks, or work flows because this industry is constantly changing.
Pro-active: don't wait everything to be perfect, deal with any circumstance that may arise, tackle any inconvenience that may happen.
Thorough: Pay attention to details on every task.
Languages: Although in our office the main spoken language is Spanish, almost everything work related is in English so don't worry if your Spanish is not perfect, it's not an issue.
Constructive: Be able to give constructive feedback about other people's work and be open to get comments on yours.
Team work: Bring ideas to the team, don't be afraid to ask, be willing to help.
Technical Aspects

We work mainly with Microsoft technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Xamarin, Umbraco, Sitecore, SQL Server, etc. For the frontend: JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, gulp, webpack, bootstrap, less, sass, postcss, etc.

However, besides the tech stack you have experience with, we are looking for:

Minimum 1 year of experience with any web framework.
Solid knowledge on 1 or more programming languages.
You need to know and apply good practices when writing code.
Solid knowledge on frontend technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Knowledge and experience with Git.
Ability to analyse projects requirements.
Knowledge about the HTTP protocol.
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Web developer
Novicell ES Business Online S.L.
Barcelona, Espanha
30.000 - 34.000 €
C / Pallars 84, bajos 4