Art Digital Manager

Massimo Dutti

Tordera, Espanha

Período integral

Massimo Dutti Art Digital’s Manager Mission:

- Manage the different web graphic design projects.
- Produce interactive and multimedia projects.
- Develop the outline, structure and the visualization of the design, such as web pages or animations, with the use of creative software.
- Develop the branding of our website.
- Integrate Social Media in our website.
- Collaborate with the Digital Marketing Department to improve digital designs in order to increase engagement and ROI.
- Understand the relationship between content and design to ensure the highest impact for all pieces.
- Search for latest trends and innovations at a graphic level, as well as competitors analysis.
- Build bridges between editorial concept into the online/digital world.


- Degree in Graphic Design or similar in the retail sector.
- Advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite including: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.
- Advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS / JSS.
- Previous experience in a similar role

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Art Digital Manager
Massimo Dutti
Tordera, Espanha
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