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Digital Marketing Trainer


Madrid, Espanha

Período integral


At Opinno, we help large corporations to transform through innovative methodologies used by start-ups and entrepreneurs. We see innovation as a process that begins by listening to people and ends with the design and prototyping of new products and services that generate an impact on society, being this the foundation of our model: people, ideas and solutions. We are editors for MIT Technology Review and Harvard Business Review in Spanish.

In our Academy programme, we transform people by developing highly demanded digital and technological skills. Our aim is twofold. On one hand, we increase companies competitiveness by improving the digital hard skills of their employees. On the other hand, we increase young people employability by developing hard and soft skills needed to lead the process of digital transformation of companies. We focus on developing hard skills by using learning-by-doing, problem solving and corporate challenges as learning methodologies.

We are looking for someone for a project with available from 21/05/2018 to 30/09/2018 who can handle the following responsibilities and entitled with mix of skills.


-Planning and coordinate projects execution: executed accordingly, controlling for time, team and budget.
-Communication and coordination with customer and third parties.
-Design learning methods and developing content for training sessions.
-Teach in Digital marketing or UX.

*Possibility of contract in freelance.

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Digital Marketing Trainer
Madrid, Espanha
C/ Sánchez Pacheco, 101, 1ªplanta. CP. 28002 - Madrid