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Senior Back-End Engineer


Madrid, Espanha

Período integral

Wikifactory is a platform for developing digitally fabricated products. The platform’s initial features are inspired by collaboration methodologies from the open source software world: version control, forking, documentation systems, and issue tracking. More broadly, Wikifactory is on a mission to bring programmability to the physical world - and we need your help!

The Role
Over the next 6 months Wikifactory will be working closely with product design teams who use a variety of digital fabrication machines (robotics, 3d printers, CNCs, etc…) to prototype and manufacture innovative products. Through this programme of engagement, we will design and develop additional collaboration tools to overcome further real-world challenges they face.

You will be playing a lead role in (1) designing and building backend infrastructure to support these tools, (2) managing and improving our backend infrastructure (currently AWS centric) and (3) developing the next generation of tools to support digital fabrication.

In our next phase of expansion, we will work with our partners to build an open platform and set of protocols for the ‘Internet of Production’. We’ll also build a plugin system for the Wikifactory platform, making it possible to integrate, configure and compose 3rd party services. Plugins will range from supporting flexible CAD to CAM processing, facilitating open supply chains for digital fabrication, connecting to machines and machine capacity, subscribing to production data from machine sensors and feedback from customers.

The scope of the Wikifactory project is huge; if you are excited about the coming 4th Industrial Revolution and want to take initiative in an area, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to lead on deep innovation projects.

• Minimum 3 years strong experience building applications in Python.
• Strong computer science knowledge (University not required)
• A fascination with digital fabrication technologies or interest in hardware development
• Knowledge of linux system administration
• AWS or similar cloud computing environment

• Interest or Skills in:3D rendering and application development
• Robotics, CNC, g-code, etc.
• Security best practices for web and mobile
• Experience with:
♣ Documenting, releasing and maintaining open source libraries
♣ SQLAlchemy, Flask, GraphQL
♣ JavaScript/ES6
♣ Golang
♣ PostgresSQL

Why work at Wikifactory
• Work on challenging problems with talented people
• Flexible working hours (it’s not about the time you put in, it’s about what you do in that time that matters)
• International team and travel opportunities
• Competitive salary and packages

Renumeration: €65-40,000 per annum, depending on experience.

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Senior Back-End Engineer
Madrid, Espanha
40,000-65,000 Euros