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MashMeGroup S.L


Período integral

Who’s behind SyncRTC?

Almost four years ago, our journey in the video-collaboration adventure started. You might have not heard about SyncRTC yet, but you probably know something about the MashMeTV team: the amazing blue platform that has reached over 1M users around the world. These are us, a young and funny multidisciplinary team that, after the success reached in the B2C market is about to step into the B2B with its new platform. Do you want to step in with us?

What’s our offer?

We offer you an opportunity to work in a challenging and positive environment while growing professionally. You will be given the opportunity to develop your skills and grow together with the team of professionals behind SyncRTC (now a place where you’ll get the chance of learning something new everyday. We work hard, but our culture allows us to spend time to live incredibly funny moments! We enjoy our work and we want to continue feeling like a little family. For that reason we need a challenging mindset, eager to learn, the willingness to strive & thrive, and the illusion to create.

What do we need?

-Setup and maintain our CI pipeline
-Setup and maintain our Kubernetes and Google Cloud infrastructure
-Design and implement new backend services
-Maintain and develop Dockerfiles
-Improve and maintain our WebRTC stack
-Automate manual tests with Selenium

Desired skills:
-Advanced Git, Npm and Bower usage.
-Experience with Docker and Docker Compose
-Experience with Kubernetes
-Experience with testing / continuous integration-deployment.
-Medium/advanced Node.js or advanced with other backend language
-Experience with MongoDB or other NoSQL databases
-Experience with a Cloud provider platform
-Experience with Selenium
-High level of English

We will also value positively:

-Knowledge of WebRTC.
-Experience with WebSockets and realtime technologies.
-Experience with PWA’s core technologies, specially Service Workers.
-Knowledge about Web Components & Polymer.
-Experience with Polymer
-Ability to work with background music, watching geek movies during lunch and playing to launch office fellows rolling on their chair.

Once you are here...

The Sorting Hat will assign you a mentor within the company depending on your house: Gryffrontend, Huffleback, Ravenmidd or Slythesting.
As a first year employee you can bring an owl, a cat, a rat or a toad. Unfortunately, our corporate responsibility policy does not allow house-elves.

Como participar?

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