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Frontend Developer

Billy Mobile

Barcelona, Espanha

Período integral

Your main role will evolve developing web applications and mobile applications, as well as beautiful user interfaces and web pages
You will take a significant role in front-end development
You will be responsible for the maintenance of current projects and the creation of new ones.
You will help the team to continuously improve the development process and to report progress and status to the stakeholders

Technical Skills

Experience with CSS and CSS preprocessors
Proven track record working with JavaScript, beyond the use of frameworks or libraries
Be up to date in FE development best practices
Knowledge of Node.js and it¿s essential tools (grunt/gulp, bower¿)
Basic management of design tools (Photoshop, Sketch¿)
Basic design and usability knowledge
Able to manage Git
Experience developing with MV* Frameworks on JavaScript (AngularJS/Ember/Backbone¿)
Understanding of CSS handicaps and able to apply best practices to make it sustainable
Be up to date in design trends (material design¿)

Soft skills

Able to teach, learn and research
Out of the box thinking
A fun person to be around and all-around nice person
Planning and Organizing skills
A team player able to work with autonomy
Creative thinking
Curiosity and desire to learn about the wide range of topics around FE Development

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Frontend Developer
Billy Mobile
Barcelona, Espanha
18.000-25.000 (abierto a un nivel salarial superior en función de la seniority del/a candidato/a)