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Spain Communications Manager


Barcelona, Espanha

Período integral

Drivy is the leading peer-to-peer car rental service in Europe - with full insurance for users. To rent out your own car when you don't use it, or drive your neighbor's car for your week-end getaways.


Barcelona Communications Full-Time

Why join as our Communications Manager in Spain?

You have a great product to promote, something really useful and impactful. At the intersection of the sharing economy, tech innovation and a mobility revolution, you will get a lot of attention from big media channels, from our users and from the public. The quality of your work is central to the success of the company.

The job

Your job is to make Drivy mainstream through great communication. Public awareness won’t happen by itself and requires a huge amount of energy during several years. You make it happen, have new ideas all the time and execute them.

You’ll work closely with our Country Manager Jaume Suñol. The spanish team will start with the two of you in a coworking space, preparing the launch for this summer. The Barcelona team should grow to around five people within a year, and have intense cooperation with Paris HQ and other countries.

Main Responsibilities

- Creating great content: presentations, blog articles, videos, infographics, you name it.
- PR : pushing this content to journalists and bloggers in order to get an outstanding coverage from mainstream media: TV and main newspapers for instance. PR is your #1 tool to generate awareness of the service so be ready to spend a lot of time on it!
- Community Management: animate and grow our community, online using social media, and offline through events.
- Delivering all kinds of communication actions, like partnerships, events or street-marketing. How do we get thousands of car owners in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and elsewhere to sign up?
- Copywriting: write text both for communication campaigns and for our web and mobile apps.
- Initial customer support: assisting our first customers, via email, until we have enough activity to hire a dedicated customer service person.


- love the concept and will feel pride and pleasure pitching it all day long
- are outstanding at communications. You are both rigorous in the way you think, and creative in the way you tell the story
- have some image (photoshop) and video production skills. You don’t need to be professional, but DYI skills will be useful to avoid calling a freelance for minor jobs
- speak native Spanish and fluent English
- have a driver’s licence

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Spain Communications Manager
Barcelona, Espanha