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Ref: DEVOP - Senior System Administrator


Barcelona, Espanha

We are a young, highly motivated and experienced team working in Barcelona. We work in a fantastic environment (World Trade Center, front Maremagnum) and and we will grow to other European countries in the next year.

This position requires expertise as System Administrator, with special focus on fine tuning, monitoring and automation. His/her main responsabilities will include keep every system and service up and running and exhaustively monitored.

We currently have an heterogeneous environment of Linux and Windows, but Windows will smoothly dissapear in the next months from the production sites (yeah!)

Minimum REAL Requirements:
- Strong Linux administration, bash scripting, etc
- Experience on MONITORING _production_ systems (we use Zabbix, maybe you are used to nagios or any other mainstream monitoring system)
- High Availability
- Automation: Ansible, Puppet, Cheff, etc. whatever but only with real presentable experience of having worked with deployment of multiple servers/apps in production (i.e. >5 simultanous)
- Amazon Web Services (mainly, but not limited to, Ec2, S3, IAM, Beanstalk)

Knowledge of following technologies will be a big plus:
- Elastic Search (we use it massively)
- Knowledge on administration databases (not only using it). (any of mysql, postgresql or sqlserver)
- Knowledge on working with Queues and distributed processes (RabbitMQ, others)
- Knowledge on Hadoop
- Any object oriented programming language, to be able to understand the needs and limits of a development team

Note: Please have in mind that we're not looking for a freelance and this applications will be dismissed.

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Ref: DEVOP - Senior System Administrator
Barcelona, Espanha
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