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Barcelona, Espanha

Camaloon is looking for a talented copywriter to join the marketing team. A creative, fast thinking word passionate able to elaborate the brand's words, slogans, audioscripts and any other verbal communication, respecting the company's values and contributing to achieve its goals.

This literate magician will:
- Write, present and discuss copies that follow through with given briefs
- Create and brainstorm visual and copy ideas with other members of the team
- Help establish and set the tone for each Camaloon reference audience
- Be responsible for all verbal communication of the company
- Generate copies in Spanish as master language to communicate with a networks of translators/copywriters
- Check and adapt copies once the content is combined with visual content
- Stay up to date with what competitors are doing
- Be socially perceptive, to be always "on the pulse" with what is going on out there

And excel in the following:
- Being highly creative and imaginative
- Having good written and interpersonal skills
- Working well in a team
- Working fine under pressure
- Having an eye for detail
- Have an interest in ecommerce and new advertising trends and techniques
- Being concise and grammatically always correct
- Mastering English is a +++

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Barcelona, Espanha
12k-14k per year
Carrer d'alaba 61