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Senior Designer


Barcelona, Espanha

Job reference (please quote this in the subject field):
#Des_032 Senior Designer

Machinas is a leading multinational design agency based in Barcelona, Spain.
We have over a 14 years of experience specialising in e-commerce for the fashion industry.

With clients such as ESCADA, ESPRIT and HUGO BOSS we are constantly evolving and developing
our worldwide design solutions, our strategies and our team in order to remain the market leaders
in this business.

We work to high standards in creativity & innovation; but also in accuracy, e-commerce speed and with the professional relation to our clients.

We are a multinational team - our creative environment consists of more than 40 individuals from over 15 countries.

The Role
We are looking for a Senior Designer with strong understanding of branding and corporate design, who is able to drive the functional and user interface design for our client’s project, taking a set of requirements to generate ideas, wireframes, prototypes, then develop creative aspects and build the design solutions.

You will lead a team of talented designers to create state-of-the-art interactive designs, mobile/tablet
based solutions, product presentation ideas and other digital marketing design projects.

You will have high design skills, a superb portfolio, experience working with top brands as well as having an excellent knowledge of programming and web skills that give you the ability to realise projects following all the latest techniques.

• The ability to produce innovative design solutions that stay true to the client’s style guidelines
and meet the objectives of their brand’s identity.

• Excellent understanding of HTML and related coding.

• The ability to work well as a team member; you have an understanding of how a design team

• You should be constantly be following trends and new techniques and possess the ability
to introduce them into your designs.

• Have the ability to meet tight deadlines and being able to quickly adapt to the changing
priorities/situations presented in e-commerce.

• You know to add that last detail to a design that takes it from being good to great and different
to its competition.

• Have skills and experience using Adobe Creative suite.

• Must be detail-oriented, self-motivated, deadline-driven and able to multi-task.

• A positive attitude that can benefit the team as well as the ability to cope and stay focused under pressure.

How to Apply
• Please send your application in English,
(applications which just refer to attachments are not accepted).

• Cover letter explaining why you think you fit the job profile.

• Examples of your work: PDF, URL's, etc.

• CV/Resume.

• Expected salary.

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Senior Designer
Barcelona, Espanha
We offer a very competitive salary
Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel, Barcelona