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Game Designer

Erepublik Labs

Madrid, Espanha

For our Studio in Madrid, we are always keeping an eye for a well rounded GAME DESIGNER with experience in the development of large scale free-to-play games with community functionality and social mechanics.

Responsible for the design and balancing of our games functionality, including gameplay modes and mechanics, achievements and progression. He/She will also understand how to balance creative excellence with the need to meet deadlines and remain within budget.
Working with the development, art, and QA teams, the designer must communicate and champion his/her design for the required player experience ensuring that it fits the game's creative goals and vision.
The Game Designer will also work with the data analysis team and community management team in order to continuously improve the game experience.

- 2+ years experience of mobile or online game development with a focus on social and multiplayer experiences.
- Highly experienced with functional game design and game balancing.
- An understanding of social mechanics which promote continued user engagement.
- Strong knowledge of social features which encourage community development.
- High understanding of how to monetize a free-to-play / freemium game whilst keeping the game fun and relevant to those who do not pay.
- Analytical experience is required for data analysis.

- The ability to work well within a team.
- Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal.
- Ability to rapidly prototype your ideas via visual representations and to share/sell them to the rest of the team.
- Passion and knowledge of mobile / tablets/ online multiplayer games in particular strategy and RPG games.
- Advance level of English.

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Game Designer
Erepublik Labs
Madrid, Espanha
25.000 - 40.000€
Paseo de Eduardo Dato, Nº21. Bajo Derecha. C.P: 28010