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Art Director Senior Freelance

Master For You

Barcelona, Espanha

At Master For You we are looking for a senior art director to work full-time in the agency on a freelance basis.

Our wish list includes:
• Artistic sensibility with the desire to work on an attractive, long-term international account in the luxury market
• All-terrain and able to create everything: from premium off line pieces to digital ones
• A fine touch with the capacity to think over a concept. We need a thinker
• Languages: spanish and high level of English
• Minimum 6 years experience in agency
• Proactive and genuinely nice. Actually, this point should be on top ☺

Do you like the offer? just send us an email with your portfolio and let's talk. We will be glad to meet you.

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Art Director Senior Freelance
Master For You
Barcelona, Espanha
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