Jason Serrano Batista

Jason Serrano Batista

Artista; Video Juegos, Multimedia, Interactivo, Enseñaza, Diseño Grafico, Web, Marketing, Publicidad, Packaging.

Boadilla del Monte, Espanha

Jason Serrano Batista

• Digital Multimedia Artist with 25 years experience in the Interactive / Games Industries. Career spanning both British and Spanish productions. Specializing in in-depth analysis of Visual, Audio and Contextual Content of Interactive media. Particular interest in Educational and Entertainment Productions.

• Enjoy working on forward looking projects with highly motivated teams and a desire to push creativity and technology. A strong corporate will to create a product for multi-national distribution with a crew working in an environment that nurtures creativity and team spirit.

• Specialities:
- Highly tuned texturing and modelling skills. Optimum detail x minimum memory.
- Graphic design; packaging and publicity.
- Strong compositional skills along with an up-to-date understanding of music industry technology.
- Audio engineering. Recording, post-processing, sound effects and environmental audio-cushions.
- 8 years of drama training and theatrical performance. Ideal for developing realistic character personalities and dialogue for games. Voice Acting experience.
- A professional and personal interest in Education on all levels, via person-to-person tuition and Interactive Multimedia offline/online projects.

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