Hugin Munin

Hugin & Munin is a Communications Agency based in Madrid, Spain, which has a wealth of experience working for European entrepreneurship projects.

The name of the agency, Hugin & Munin, is based on Norse mythology: Huginn and Muninn were two ravens who sat on the shoulders of the god Odin. They left his side each day to fly around the world and return each night with news to recount to the Norse god.

Hugin & Munin are experts in innovative online and offline communication, including:
Complete project branding
Graphics (online)
Design of print materials for events (flyers, posters, brochures)
Design of unique booths for events (booth backdrop, stand cover, seating, interactive activities, experience)
Moving image film (animation)
Press Relations
Advertising campaigns
Website design, construction and management
Social media campaigns