Franciso Pando Zea

Franciso Pando Zea

3D Artist / generalista

Córdoba, Espanha

Franciso Pando Zea

I'm a junior 3d artist/generalist with almost 2 years of experience in the 3d world, and some more in design and composition. I am lucky to have worked with important companies and agencies where I’ve learned plenty of important skills and refined my knowledge on the 3D techniques.

One of the things I admire the most about this profession is working in a team. I think cooperation makes it possible to achieve results that you could ever had imagined. And what is more, it makes you learn without noticing, helping you improve every day and to keep your energy and motivation in the project. In fact, this is why I’m a very dedicated and passionate person about my job.

Lately I have been working as a freelance in very interesting projects on the advertising and audio visual entertainment industry; having the responsibility of adjusting my work to deadlines and staying up to date on the studies of technical aspects to achieve what is demanded.
I always try to give the best of myself, linking creativity and personal view to technical knowledge and being deeply involved in the projects, from the beginning to the end. Looking and paying attention at the details is something essential for me; I believe this is what makes all the difference.

I mastered in CICE School studying 3D animation, modelling, compositing, lightning and rendering, after a degree in Advertising and Audiovisual Communication in Nebrija University. From the very start I knew this was my vocation and for this reason I decided to work hard each an every day to become a true 3D specialist.