Dietrich Adonis (Ordoñez)

Dietrich Adonis (Ordoñez)

Artist, Educator & Illustrator

Cruz Bay, Ilhas Virgens, Estados Unidos

Dietrich Adonis (Ordoñez)

🇻🇮 + 🇨🇺 = ARTist, TEACHer:
BFA in Illustration : University Of The Arts
M.Ed in Art Education : Temple University ~ TylerSchool of Art

Creator of COVID WORLD:19 graphic novel.
I’ve been teaching and showing my work over 30+ years. Teaching in public schools, on a collegiate level and art museums. I like passing my artistic knowledge on to the next generation. I’ve been drawing from an early age, started drawing from comic books and watching sci-fi on TV and the movies. My fifth grade art teacher got me interested in the Olde Masters that’s when I realized I was a creative person deep inside.

I’ve painted murals, worked in small ad agencies as a production artist, staff illustrator, designer and storyboard artist. Also lettering/coloring independent graphic novels along with teaching graphic narrative.

Originally from the U.S. Virgin Islands currently living in Florida. Cuban heritage on my father’s side: we had diverse Caribbean/ Latin American culinary, cultural and musical influences in our house from listening to Son, salsa, merengue, Bossa Nova to Calypso & Reggae to eating arroz con pollo, picadillo, mofongo, rice & peas and acki and saltfish. Played lots of dominoes too!

Also a foodie, amateur techie; into guitar/ukulele, baseball, reading & cooking.
A vegan wannabe who likes to jog, bike ride, watch baseball games.

Doméstika courses provides the energy, creativity that I’m looking for to expand and enhance my artistic pursuits. The lessons in Spanish make me feel at home, and I can apply what I’ve learned in real-time.

The 🥛 is always 1/2 full!



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  • Artist, Educator & Illustrator
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