Henn Julilus

I am 23 years old and about to finish my bachelor degree of Industrial Design at Fakultät für Gestaltung - Hochschule Pforzheim.
The programmes of my school require students to complete both individual and team based projects, which forces students to be disciplined, organized and self-motivated as well as working with others.
I have been successful at this school because I am able to work effectively on my own and in a team.
My goals is to continue to test and improve my skills through practical experience which is why I am seeking a 6 to 7 months internship with a focus on creating and designing.
The following portfolio includes projects of my time of study. With that I want to show how I develop my perspective of creativity, taste and being a designer .
With regards,

Julius Henn

Please take a look at my portfolio below:

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Julius Henn