Antonia Trollius

Antonia Trollius

Commercial artist with background in graphic & communications design. Focusing on lettering & typography as well as patterns.

Schaffhausen, Suíça

Antonia Trollius

I am
an artist and a storyteller – at heart and by training ...

Inspired by my surroundings,
pop-culture, books, nature,
black & white movies, and traveling,...

Fascinated by inventions, architecture, fashion, and sports.

As long as I can remember, I have had a particular enthusiasm for writing letters and creating letterforms,
drawing patterns, and telling stories through a combination of images and words.

After a decade of working mostly in communications I have decided to finally follow my heart and create illustration and lettering work that matters, work that helps to build social awareness for a more sustainable life on this planet and for real and meaningful connections.

On instagram you can find me as @sisu_blue

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