Ana Moreno Dávila

Ana Moreno Dávila

Creative Director / Art Director / Interior Designer/ Stand Designer / Gráphic Designer

Mollet del Vallès, Espanha

Ana Moreno Dávila

This is Ana Moreno Dávila , artist, designer and creative director at CODI_RE9.

I’m writing to you to refer my CV to be considered in this application.

I have been a graphic designer and director of publicity at Eurocont company for 7 ½ years.In this work I was an intermediary for the purchase of industrial machinery in Europe through English. I provide references recommendation letter at my section my documents.
You can evaluate my attitudes as a multidisciplinary creative in

I’ve been Creative Director of CODI_RE9. My current suppliers are based in Taiwan (Taipei).

For more information about my professional profile can visit my profile on Linkedin Ana Moreno Dávila.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Ana Moreno Dávila