Ana Isabel Bustamante Cruz

Ana Isabel Bustamante Cruz

video editor & filmmaker

Madrid, Espanha

Ana Isabel Bustamante Cruz

I consider myself to be a dynamic, responsible and organized hard worker.

Since I was a child I have travelled and lived in different places around the world, always in a multicultural environment. The understanding of the differences between cultures taught me the value of them and made me capable to easily adapt to all kinds of situations. That is why I can easily adapt to different projects. Every time I embrace a new project I enjoy putting on practice the knowledge that I have but also learn from the others. I am sure that you can always learn new things from the people that surround you.

My academic training is an important part in my personal developepment. That is why I have studied many things that surround different aspecs of communication and interaction with people, that at the end complement my love of telling stories.

My professional development is a key part of my life. Work motivates me and contributes to my personal development, an important engine in my life. I am a person that surrenders to what I do with discipline and responsibility.

I am also very interested in art. I believe that this helps me to get inspiration and increases my sensibility and understanding of the world.

My professional experience is large and versatile. But everything that I have done in my life connects with my interest of telling stories. My resent activity is more connected to the audiovisual area but I also have wide experience in radio and press. Creativity is something that characterizes me and is what at the end makes me be in constant evolution to approach all the technology and new platforms that constantly emerge.

In this career i think that team work is a fundamental part. I am a good listener that respects the knowledge and the ideas of the team that works with me. Everyone has different habilities and experiences that can help you grow and gain a better understanding of the world. All of those capacities together can lead to excellent results. I am honest, but also caring about the people that I work with. I like to work in a team and support every person that is on it. I have commitment and ethics in what I do.

Details are very important to me, that is why i am meticulous in my work. I believe that is where you can make a difference. The enthusiasm that I have is what makes me a proactive person in every aspect of my life. Also as an editor I have plenty experience organizing large amount of material.



  • ECAM Escuela de Cine y Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid

    Madrid, Espanha

    2012 - 2015