Abraham Zavala

Abraham Zavala

Digital Marketing Projects Lead

Abraham Zavala

Dear Sir/Madam;

My below qualifications enable me to be the right candidate for the position of Digital/Traditional Marketing Projects Manager.

-Experience in Strategic Analysis, Email Campaigns, SEO, SEM, Digital Media Buying, Keyword Research and Analysis

-Experience in Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation

-Conducting of A/B testing, analyzing results and making of the needed improvements

-Conducting of SEO and SEM clinics and analytics to improve webpage ranking, influence, and ROI

-Creation and Implementation of Social Media campaigns

-Experience in creating and implementing Social Media campaigns aimed to lead generation for clients.

-Experience in providing Marketing expertise, Strategic Planning, and Project Management to client accounts and advertising projects ensuring that time-lines, budgets and advertising goals are met in regards to ROI.

-Experience in researching and interpretation of client consumers profile and behaviors through the use of appropriate tools.

-Experience and knowledge of project management processes and total quality norms (ISO-9000, ISO-14000, SIX SIGMA, etc.)

-Experience in the planning, implementation, execution, and post analysis (metrics) of online marketing/advertising, e-mailing, and direct mailing campaigns.

-Experience and knowledge of the media industry (TV, Radio, Digital) in regards to buying in different formats and costs.

-Experience in implementing and management of work-flow in traditional and digital advertising/Media, and Printing, projects ad hoc to marketing and PR.

-Experience and knowledge of the printing and media industry in regards to projects and processes implementation, materials, and costs.

-Experience in conducting proof-reading, merchandising, marketing, pricing, and legal whereas the same time keeping organized records of all ads and clients approvals.

-Experience in project management of Print, Web, Broadcast, Digital and Traditional Media ad hoc to Marketing and Advertising.

-Experience, and knowledge, in the implementation and process of formally selecting a vendor to supply a particular product or service that is routinely purchased by the company. This process includes the definition of product and service requirements, identification of qualified suppliers (auditing suppliers) negotiation of pricing, service, delivery, and payment terms.

-Excellent written and oral communications skills with the ability to communicate effectively with others (Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Swedish languages) interview and gather information from various sources.

You can learn more from me in a personal level on my personal webpage which is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/abrahamzavalaquinones

As you will see in the attached resume I have experience researching, preparing, evaluating information, working in marketing / advertising. In addition I offer excellent communication and writing skills, as well as the knowledge of 5 languages (English, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and French), a multicultural background combined with first-hand knowledge of almost all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean Area, and a Team-Player attitude. These qualities, combined with my flexibility and self-motivation, should enable me to make a valuable contribution if given the opportunity.
I welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives and how I might contribute toward them. If considered for this position please contact me via email to schedule a later phone interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Abraham Zavala