Sarah King
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Sarah King

Tofino, Canada

Sarah King

Hi! My name is Sarah King and I am an illustrator and visual artist.

I grew up in London England, studied graphic design at the University of Brighton and now live in Tofino, BC.
During university my interest in graphic design, illustration and language slowly combined. It was at this time that I developed the shape forming typography that is now one of my primary techniques.

After graduating I spent a few years working in London and travelling the world. I had wonderful adventures in South East Asia, South America, Central America, India, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. I fell in love with Canada after a trip in 2011 and decided to move to British Columbia.

My passion is spending time outside in nature, either in the mountains snowboarding, biking and hiking, or by the ocean surfing and scuba diving.
My work is often inspired by my surroundings, and anything else weird and wonderful that finds it's way onto paper

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